Life Changes Unexpectedly

Divorce is the end of a marriage and it comes with many challenges. QED Law practices in the area of Family Law and we are located in Edmonton and serve the entire province of Alberta. During a divorce, husbands and wives divide property and custody which is subject to these laws: The Divorce Act of 1985, The Matrimonial Property Act, The Family Law Act (Custody and Access). We specialize in all three.

Do I lose everything?

The Matrimonial Property Act governs the distribution of property acquired during the course of their marriage. It doesn’t necessarily matter who’s name is tied to the property, if it was obtained during the marriage it is subject to division. There are guidelines established within the Act that our lawyers will explain to you. The general rule is to estimate a 50/50 property split.

Are You Two Cooperating?

There are programs and alternatives to disputing property and custody in court. Mediation, counselling, and other steps can be taken to save you time and money when facing Divorce Law.

Alternatives to trial exist through the use of Dispute Resolution and Mediation. We encourage alternatives when they benefit you, and we are ready to go to trial for you when they don’t. We are tough, we are honest, and we are recommended by many.

Is a Divorce Best?

The Divorce Act affords the abuility for people to reunite for up to 90 days without losing their separation date as the grounds for divorce. Counselling and other options may be attempted to reconcile your marriage. Information is available on request.

Property Rights in a Divorce

It gets complicated when determining the value of property received by husband or wife as a gift, received from an inheritance, or brought into the marriage. We use case law in Alberta to monitor the circumstances and rulings carefully to apply in current situations.

Brooks Topp has over 14 years of experience in litigation and family counselling. We are highly knowledgeable in Divorce Law.

Tough, Honest, Recommended

Ready For Trial

When your needs can be met outside of court then they are. When you go to trial, QED goes with you. Brooks Topp (a lawyer at QED in Alberta) brings over 14+ years of experience to the Provincial Court, The Court of Queen’s Bench, or the Appeals Court.