We represent children, parents, and grandparents.

Divorce & Separation

Divorce is an unexpected challenge. We work hard to get you the outcomes you desire. Our legal team can help you with custody, access, parenting time, and ensure you are aware of your rights. Learn more.


Adopting a child is a significant milestone in both your life and the life of your adopted child. Our firm is here to represent you with a fully informed understanding of the considerations which need to be made. Start the adoption process.

Child Protection

Child protection includes all of the child’s needs and circumstances; this includes physical, psychological, and emotional safety. Consideration is given to the history of care for the child including culture, language, religious or spiritual circumstances. Child protection disputes will often require legal services. Learn more.

Child Support

Both parties have a joint financial obligation to maintain a child of marriage. There are Federal and Provincial guidelines which set recommended amounts based on income levels. In addition to maintaining the care of a child amounts may be awarded by the courts for expenses such as child care, health benefits, and education. Learn more.

For Grandparents and Elders

Age related matters such as mental capacity or illness can be factors but not always. Elderly clients are given special consideration when needed.

QED Law respects the wisdom and experiences of our seniors and our legal team has experience working with individuals who need special attention to make the right decisions regarding their legal situation.

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